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Loyalty Strategy

4 Things To Do Before You Launch Your Loyalty Program

So you’re getting ready to launch your loyalty program? Congratulations! After carefully going through the steps for designing and building your loyal...

Channel Incentives B2B Loyalty

Points To Consider When Designing A B2B Incentive Program

There are several ways a sales and channel incentive program can benefit and improve B2B marketing efforts across the board -- when done right. Simila...

Customer Loyalty COVID-19

Adjusting Your Loyalty Program For The Pandemic

While there are some perceptions that loyalty programs fall under the “set it and forget it” category, in reality successful loyalty programs are cons...

Loyalty Loyalty Strategy

Understanding The Benefits Of Tiered Loyalty Programs

Around just about every corner you will find another book, article, or seminar telling you everything you need to know to “move up” in life. Whether i...

Channel Incentives B2B Loyalty

Using A Channel Incentives Program To Drive Sales During Uncertain Times

When whole industries go into survival mode due to extreme circumstances — like the impact caused by COVID-19 — these are the times that channel incen...


Here Are 6 Unexpected ROIs You Get From Investing In Customer Loyalty

If someone tries to take a lazy approach to calculating the exact return on investment (ROI) of loyalty programs, they’ll probably be in for a surpris...


Why You Can’t Rely Solely On Age and Income To Determine Brand Loyalty

Developing brand loyalty among customers is useful for a number of reasons, from attracting new customers to retaining current ones. When customers ar...

financial services Offer Management Platform

How Improving The Customer Experience Leads To Profit

Bain & Company has a great case study about how they helped their client identify and resolve a key issue:


The Easy Way To Test-Start A Loyalty Program

There are times when brands don’t want to dive 100% into loyalty programs. Research shows that loyalty programs help companies increase market share, ...

Loyalty Promotions

Here's How You Can Drive New Enrollments In Your Loyalty Program

The barrage of online content and advertising can make it difficult to attract and hold customer attention. Brands who are looking to start a loyalty ...