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How Improving The Customer Experience Leads To Profit

Bain & Company has a great case study about how they helped their client identify and resolve a key issue:


The Easy Way To Test-Start A Loyalty Program

There are times when brands don’t want to dive 100% into loyalty programs. Research shows that loyalty programs help companies increase market share, ...

Loyalty Promotions

Here's How You Can Drive New Enrollments In Your Loyalty Program

The barrage of online content and advertising can make it difficult to attract and hold customer attention. Brands who are looking to start a loyalty ...


Use Promotions To Put Some Excitement Into Your Loyalty Program

If your loyalty program has been active for a while, you might be looking for new  promotion ideas to help put some excitement into your user base. We...


Tips For Increasing Customer Engagement In Your Loyalty Program

Long-term customer engagement is always a key goal for loyalty programs. Programs often struggle with keeping momentum going on engagement rates. Lack...

Loyalty COVID-19

As Quarantines Start To Lift Brands Are Asking...Now What?

So the entire world has just gone through an unprecedented shutdown in economic activity to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. There has been a...

Remote Work COVID-19 Learning Management Platform

Why Businesses Should Invest In Remote Learning Management Systems

In the current public health crisis surrounding COVID-19, every company has to rethink many if not most aspects of their operations. Corporate knowled...

Loyalty COVID-19

5 Ways To Grow Customer Loyalty In Tough Times

Customer loyalty is viewed as a  challenging undertaking for companies even during periods of normalcy. As business operations across the globe are sl...


How Recycling Can Boost Brand Loyalty

Irecently watched the “Plastic Wars” episode on Frontline (viewable here). It was quite eye-opening, but for less-obvious reasons than were presented ...

Loyalty COVID-19

How Brands Can Use Loyalty Programs To Support Customers During COVID-19

As COVID-19 forces businesses to hurriedly change their processes and adapt to changing regulations, most companies will tend to completely halt or mi...