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How You Can Make Sure Customers Don't Lose Out On Rewards Points

Most people who join loyalty programs have experienced losing out on rewards at one time or another. The redemptions which go unredeemed. The punch ca...


Your Loyalty Program Post-Launch Checklist

Once you’ve officially launched your loyalty program, you might be overly  focused on making progress. You make plans to expand and incorporate some e...

B2B Loyalty

3 Ways Loyalty Platforms Drive Growth For B2B Companies

Consumer loyalty and rewards programs have only gotten more popular as more B2C companies realize the unique advantages they offer towards customer re...


Consumer Brand Loyalty: What Three Retail Loyalty Leaders Have In Common

The Brand Keys 2017 Consumer Loyalty Leaders List confirmed that Apple, Amazon, and Nike all prove to be loyalty leaders, claiming the #3, #1, and #12...

B2B Loyalty

How Manufacturers Use Personalization To Drive Customer Purchases

Customers across both B2B and B2C industries have changed how they purchase due to the internet. Traditionally B2B industry customer base emphasized c...


Reimagining Loyalty For Today's Customer

Our client Mastercard partnered with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to ask 400 executives globally about their approach to customer loyalty...


The Loyalty Program Features Customers (and Companies) Want

Despite the (at-times) fickleness of human nature, knowing what your customers want and what matters to their decision-making can pay off enormously. ...


Media Release: Brandmovers Launches Nespresso Sustainability Promotion To Encourage Consumer Recycling

Atlanta, GA. Brandmovers and Nespresso have launched the Nespresso #MySmallStepsSweepstakes in association with the 2019 limited-edition release of th...

Loyalty Loyalty Strategy

Measure Your Program Utilization With This Key Metric

The effort and time a company puts into building and launching a loyalty platform makes the time after launch seem like smooth sailing. Right?


Three Promotions Perfect For Launching A New Product

New product launches are exciting times! Your brand has gone through the process of designing concepts, building and testing, and making final tweaks....