on May 21, 2020 Loyalty COVID-19

As Quarantines Start To Lift Brands Are Asking...Now What?

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So the entire world has just gone through an unprecedented shutdown in economic activity to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. There has been a lot of conversation around all the things people can’t wait to do: eat at their favorite restaurants, visit their favorite stores, see a show, etc. Now some countries and states are beginning to tentatively lift their quarantines and brands are implementing processes to safely resume providing their normal products and services again. It’s important to position yourself to be top of mind during that crucial time.

But how do you participate in this “gold rush” when you are a CPG brand, hospitality or service company? Even though there may be unprecedented consumer spending, everyone will still be looking to get the best deal possible. This can be a perfect opportunity for your company to partner with key merchants to utilize your combined market influence to present unique offerings and discounts.

Brandmovers is a leading provider of loyalty programs for B2C and B2B companies. But sometimes loyalty is a long term customer interaction and what is needed is a more transactional quick win. So in this time, we can offer a multi-tier strategy that can step up your customer acquisition to long term loyalty.

First: Develop an offers platform

Communicate with your merchant partners and complimentary product providers to craft a set of offers that are unique in the marketplace. Even if your business doesn’t directly receive the instant benefit, your branded marketplace is a top of mind destination. It’s key to make the effort to execute the offer low in the beginning. Surprise and delight your customers with a friction free benefit.

Second: Add a promotional layer

One way to ensure that consumers return to your platform over others competing for mind share, is to add a giveaway as an incentive. “Activating” an offer may just be a simple check box once you have registered your account by each interesting offer. But having that click also count as an entry into a sweepstakes can be a compelling retention tool to keep consumers coming back again and again.

Third: Unlock exceptional offers

Your new offers platform can be accelerated with a “premium” offers level that will require a contribution from the consumer. There can be all types of interesting ways to get users to contribute to “unlock” the premium offers: uploading recent receipts, sharing content on social media, completing surveys, providing reviews, etc. This will strengthen your connection with your customers and introduce them to the concept of “earning” rewards.

Final: Consumer Loyalty

All of the consumers that have been interacting with your platform can be easily converted to point earning loyalty members using our platform. Additionally, you can deposit some points at launch to reward them for the activity they have already conducted.

Obviously, these steps involve complex analysis of your company and its offerings to fine tune any of these strategies to suit your particular needs. Please contact us for a free consultation to see what potential strategies could work for your company.