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How To Write Loyalty Program FAQs

How To Write Loyalty Program FAQs

Including a section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is a valuable part of both running and promoting your loyalty program. Among its many uses, FAQs help guide users through the various aspects of your program that are relevant to what that particular individual is interested in discovering. 

The truth is FAQs come in handy for all types of people, from existing members to first-time visitors and even current employees. Most individuals universally recognize the intent and purpose of an FAQ section. So by including one for your loyalty program, you’re helping interested viewers discover more information about your brand and program. 


Different Uses For Loyalty Program FAQs

Take Some Of The Effort Out Of Answering A Question

An FAQ page or section can be a huge asset for customers who are perusing your site for information. Customer time and attention is limited on the best of days; if they have a specific question about your loyalty program, the FAQs can help them find the answer with minimal effort. You risk losing the customer’s interest if they’re forced to search through web page after web page, or even (heaven forbid) dig through the entire set of your brand Terms and Conditions to find what they’re looking for.  

Improve Service Efficiency 

As their name suggests, FAQs are useful for helping to answer some of customers' most common questions or concerns without having to go through dedicated customer service channels. If a customer wants to know options for returning a reward, or whether or not their reward points have an expiration date, they can find those answers on a FAQ page. This frees up the time and bandwidth of your customer service teams, allowing them to focus on customers with more in-depth issues or problems. 

Think about how Google presents information about a business when it appears on search results: they typically include an address, phone number, hours of operation, services provided, menus if it’s a restaurant, etc. Customers who are only looking for these types of information find their answers right then and there instead of having to contact the business directly. 

Discover Program Benefits

Your loyalty program website or app most likely already has a page or section that details out the different features of your program such as members tiers, specific benefits and perks, etc. You should also including a program benefits overview as part of your FAQ page. This helps promote the program to new customers who aren't enrolled in the program yet but are obviously wanting to learn more. FAQs offer an additional opportunity to feature some of the best selling points of the program while also being helpful source of information. You can even customize these based on different benefits available to each member tier. For example, if a top-tier member benefit is access to exclusive brand events, you can provide a question-and-answer that gives an overview of how that particular VIP perk works. 


Examples of Loyalty Program FAQ Topics

Program Overview

  • What is the purpose of the loyalty program? 
  • Who is eligible to sign up or enroll? 
  • What are the member benefits? 
  • Does it cost anything to participate? 
  • How can I join the program? 



  • How do I earn points? 
  • What types of purchases are eligible for points? 
  • Do my rewards points or benefits ever expire?
  • What are the different rewards I can earn? 
  • How do I know which member tier I belong to?
  • How do I redeem my points? 
  • When do I receive my rewards? 
  • How can I participate in member-only events? 
  • How do I become a program VIP? 



  • I receive marketing emails - does that mean I already have a loyalty account? 
  • How do I update the contact information in my membership profile? 
  • How can I add my social media handles to my account profile?
  • Where can I find status updates in my account? 
  • How do I opt-in to receive alerts? 
  • I have an issue with my account - who do I contact? 

Tip: To account for any situations that will require a customer to contact customer service directly, be sure to include the customer service contact information and different support channels within your FAQs to make it easier for customers to get the help they need. 



  • How does the loyalty program or brand use my personal information?
  • What are the program terms and conditions?
  • How do I opt out of participating in the program?
  • How can I deactivate my loyalty program account? 
  • What happens to my personal information if I terminate my member account? 

Tip: Privacy is a major concern for today's consumers. To show that you prioritize customer concerns, and take privacy and data issues seriously, you should include FAQs that cover privacy topics, such as how member data is used and how members can delete their member account entirely. 

Remember, even if an individual decides not to participate in the program anymore and leaves, you still want them to associate the program as a positive experience with your brand. If the process of ending their program membership causes anger or frustration, it can damage the customer’s program experience as a whole. 


Tying It All Together

These are just a few examples of loyalty program FAQs to consider for your program. You can (and should) always customize your loyalty program FAQs to align with your corporate policies, promote program benefits, and even highlight particular features of your program such as member communities or brand events. Just remember that like other aspects of your program, FAQs work best when they are kept updated and relevant. So be sure to incorporate a dedicated FAQ page when designing your ideal loyalty program. 

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