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Customer Loyalty Loyalty Strategy Loyalty Data

How To Identify and Tighten The Gaps In Your Loyalty Marketing Strategy



Three Promotions To Help Your Brand Launch A New Product

New product launches are exciting times! Your brand has gone through the process of designing concepts, building and testing, and making final tweaks....


Prizing Strategy – The Quantity Over Quality Debate

There are several factors that play a part in determining what prizes are included in digital promotions. Between budgets, timing, themes, consumer tr...

B2B Loyalty Incentive Programs

Smarter Incentives #2 - Feeling Like Your B2B Incentive Program Has Stalled? This Could Be The Issue

Companies want their loyalty programs to succeed. Ask any program administrator and they’ll agree that ensuring their program is working smoothly and ...

Channel Incentives B2B Loyalty Incentive Programs

Smarter Incentives #1 - The Key To Winning More B2B Customer Loyalty

With the slew of challenges facing the B2B industry today - inflation, supply chain instability, rapidly evolving technology and workplace environment...

Loyalty Loyalty Strategy Loyalty Program

How To Avoid These Common Loyalty Program Issues After Launch

Every loyalty program will run into issues sooner or later. As much as we hope for a problem-free loyalty program, nothing can ever be 100% perfect al...

Loyalty Program Loyalty Data Integrations

Unlocking Your Loyalty Program's Potential: Top Integrations To Look For In A Program Provider

When it comes to unlocking the full possibilities of what a loyalty program can do, one aspect brands shouldn’t overlook is integrations. A loyalty pr...

Loyalty Program Lotteries

4 Perks Loyalty Programs Provide For Lotteries

Not many people might associate loyalty and lottery programs together. But in reality lotteries can benefit significantly from establishing loyalty pr...

Customer Loyalty Loyalty Program

What Is Point Breakage And Why Should You Care?

There are many moving parts and terms of a loyalty or incentive program that contribute to its success. One aspect that some people aren’t familiar wi...

Customer Loyalty Transit

How to Increase Digital Adoption & Mobile App Usage Among Transit Riders

Similar to many other industries, the transit sector over the past few years has pivoted their approach in response to changes in customer needs and w...