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6 Creative Promotional Summer Campaign Ideas to Skyrocket Customer Engagement

6 Creative Promotional Summer Campaign Ideas to Skyrocket Customer Engagement

Summer is the prime time to engage your customers with fresh, exciting campaigns. Creative promotional campaigns can be the key to capturing your audience’s attention, driving engagement, and boosting your brand’s visibility. Utilize this season to make your campaigns stand out while also boosting customer engagement. Take a look at some of Brandmovers’ current and previous promotional campaigns that were designed to captivate and boost customer engagement. 

Oftentimes the term “promotion” can be used as an umbrella term but there are specific ones your brands can use to help you get the results you want. Below we have created a short “cheat sheet” that explains a few promotions and what results you can expect to see from them! 

Sweepstakes- Sweepstakes are highly popular promotions for good reason! They're easily customizable to fit your needs, whether promoting a new product or integrating with other marketing initiatives. You can combine sweepstakes with contests, instant wins, and more, boosting their overall appeal.

This type of promotion is a great way to: 

  • Capture consumer attention
  • Drive brand engagement
  • Increase customer acquisition

Instant Wins- Instant wins offer quick gratification, letting participants know immediately if they won, which encourages repeat play. Gamification allows your brand to create engaging games, keeping customers involved. Instant wins often achieve high participation rates by offering immediate rewards and multiple chances to win.

Brands can use instant wins to: 

  • Build awareness 
  • Drive key consumer behaviors (ex: enrollments, purchases, etc)
  • Grow customer acquisition

Contests- Have you seen brands use real customer photos or videos in their campaigns? This content likely came from a User-Generated Content (UGC) contest. UGC contests effectively engage customers and expand reach. If a brand is strategic when launching a contest’s theme, it is easy for the contest to be repurposed or established as an annual event which will raise more promotional opportunities in the future. 

Perks of launching a UGC: 

  • Brands can collect quality UGC that can be shared across social media 
  • Contest raise brand awareness among customer audiences
  • The visual appeal of the contest submissions can be easily, shared, admired, and celebrated 

Receipt Validation- Receipt Validation has several perks such as boosting consumer purchases, collecting data, and integrating it into other engaging promotions. Brands can increase product sales by encouraging customers to upload photos of their receipts for a chance to win prizes.

Use receipt validation to: 

  • Drive product trials 
  • Retailer shopper programs 
  • Cross-selling 
  • Reward customer loyalty 

Fire Drills/Giveaways- Fire drills create urgency, driving interest and exclusivity. They offer creative flexibility, allowing staggered product releases and social media teasers to build anticipation. A promotion series also encourages repeat visits, giving users multiple chances to win.

Fire Drill or Giveaway promotions can be used to: 

  • Put new products into consumer's hands 
  • Promote seasonal items or brand collaborations 
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Drive customer engagement and acquisition 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to different promotions your brand can launch. Click here to learn more about the promotions Brandmovers offers and find the right one for your brand! 



Battle of the Beggin'


Brandmovers and Purina teamed up and created a sweepstakes to promote their new limited-edition Beggin’ treats. All customers have to do is register online and vote for their dog’s favorite flavor and they will be entered for a chance to win free Beggin’ for a year! 

Purina wanted to leverage this promotion both in-store and online through cohesive messaging and packaging that is tied to the promotion site. This allows for seamless purchase, entry, and winner communication. 

Do you want to win free Beggin’ for a year? You still have the chance to win. This sweepstakes is open until 07/31!  Learn more here and let us know what your dog’s favorite new flavor is! 


Golden Getaway Sweepstakes 

Puritan’s Pride 

Puritan’s Pride has put together a fun summer sweepstakes experience for its customers. They will be awarding customers who purchase any qualifying products for a chance to win an unforgettable Hawaiian getaway along with other amazing prizes. Participants can also enter to win without making a purchase by providing their email when they sign up. This is the perfect opportunity to unwind, relax, and have fun! 

This sweepstakes is still live from 6/3-6/30, so don’t miss your chance to win! Click here to sign up! 




The Great Summer Meatup


What screams “summer” more than a backyard cookout? Johnsonville wants to make sure you have everything you need for the ultimate backyard “meat-up”! When customers visit and enter to win, they will have a chance to play an instant win game for the opportunity to win hundreds of prizes. Participants will also be entered to win one of the 12 grand prize packs after playing. 

This promotion brings together brands such as BIC, TIKI, Charbroil, and more for the ultimate prize pack. This promotion is designed to increase sales during the summer months and boost customer engagement while building brand relationships. Bringing together these big brand names is a recipe for success. 

To learn more and spin to win, click here and start your summer off with a win! 




Oceania Cruises Sweepstakes

Oceania Cruises 

What sounds better during the long, hot summer days than a 10-day cruise getaway? Oceania was looking to increase engagement, drive bookings during the summer months, and foster a stronger brand relationship. Brandmovers worked with them to create this sweepstakes to do just that! After customers entered their information, they had a chance to win a free 10-day luxury cruise for themselves and a guest. Golfbreaks by PGA TOUR also wanted to get in on the fun, so along with the cruise, the winner will receive a free golf trip up to the value of $2500.

This sweepstakes is a great example of bringing together different brands to broaden your target audience and expand customer engagement. 




Chaotic Good ‘Stakes 


DiGiorno kicked off the summer with a slice of chaos and mischief. They teamed up with Marvel Studios to create a sweepstakes around the release of the new DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE movie that will get pizza and movie lovers involved. DiGiorno released new limited-edition pizza flavors inspired by the upcoming movie for fans to enjoy all summer long. This is a great example of using a sweepstakes to drive anticipation and fanfare surrounding a big movie launch to broaden your target audience while also increasing customer engagement. To make it easy to enter, there are multiple ways to participate. Fans can scan the QR Code and enter through the website. If fans purchase any DiGiorno Pizza products and upload their receipt during the promotion period, they will receive an additional entry. Participants have the chance to win a variety of amazing prizes such as Fandango promo codes to Marvel Studios’ DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE, fun merch, and a grand prize of a trip to Los Angeles. This sweepstakes is just getting started and ends on August 26th! 

Click here to enter for the chance to have a chaotic good summer! 




Photo Search 2024


Having a contest or promotion that can become a yearly event is a great strategy in building a strong relationship with your customers, and allows them to get excited about participating annually. The Gerber Baby has been around for decades and in recent years Gerber took their search for the new Gerber spokesbaby digital through the annual Gerber Photo Search contest

For 2024 Gerber wanted to give their audiences the chance to celebrate all the adorable moments big and small from a baby’s first years. To enter the contest parents submitted a photo of their baby capturing a moment that they wanted to celebrate from their baby’s life, whether it was a big milestone or one of Gerber’s “Inchstone Moments” categories (such as a Sleepy moment or an On-The-Go moment), along with a brief story about their family. The contest winner became the 2024 Gerber Baby and received $25,000 from Gerber along with other incredible prizes. 

With the growth of the Gerber Photo Search contest year over year, Gerber decided for 2024 they wanted to recognize more babies than ever before! An additional 10 babies were selected to be winners of the “Inchstone Moments” categories and celebrated with the 2024 Gerber Baby, receiving a $500 gift card and special prize packs associated with their “Moment”.

This year's contest has ended, but start collecting those photos and videos to be ready when next year's campaign begins! Click here to meet the 2024 Gerber Baby, Sonny! 



As summer heats up, we can see a clear shift in customer behavior and engagement. Summer sparks a fun and carefree mindset that prompts people to find experiences that embody that same attitude. To make the most of this, create campaigns that offer your customers a sense of adventure that they don’t want to miss out on. Be sure that these campaigns align with your brand and its values to create consistency year-round.