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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
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Promotions 2.0 - How To Create More Effective Promotional Campaigns

Promotions 2.0 - How To Create More Effective Promotional Campaigns

Digital promotions such as sweepstakes, instant wins, contests, and more have become a crucial marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to the internet and social media, brand can easily reach their target audience, promote their products, generate more leads, and boost sales through digital promotional campaigns.

Yet far too often these promotions, while effective, truly fall short of their full potential of what they can accomplish for the brand due to one simple habit: the brand treats any digital promotion campaign they run as a individualized, one-off type of campaign. Sometimes brand utilize these promotions as a way to simply use up leftover marketing budget or as a fun add-on to bigger advertising campaigns.

These types of typical mainstream approaches to digital promotions is partially due to the way they normally function; promotions like sweepstakes, contests, etc. almost always have predetermined start and end dates, the time period where the promotion runs, then ends, then winners are chosen, prizes awards, and all the campaign elements wrap up neatly. The promotion ceases to have an impact or achieve any goals after it's ended --  or so brands think. 

The truth is digital promotions will perform their highest and achieve more if they're not treated as independent campaigns, but as connected campaigns designed and built to work together to drive customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. As marketplaces, economies, and customers shift over time, continuing to treat digital promotions as one-off, "one-and-done" types of campaigns might not be enough anymore for them to succeed and really end up benefiting the brand. Instead, it's time for brands to think smarter and more strategically about creating connected promotional campaigns as part of a comprehensive loyalty strategy to drive their customer retention efforts and marketing goals.

Understand How Connected Digital Promotions Can Benefit Your Brand

Connected digital promotions refer to creating a series of promotional campaigns that are not only linked but also built upon each other. Rather than creating a single promotion that runs its course, connected promotions build on the momentum of each campaign, increase customer engagement, and ultimately drive the customer to become more loyal to the brand. Connected promotions can take many forms, including seasonal promotions, referral programs, loyalty clubs, and more. However, the key is to ensure that your promotions are empowering your customers to engage with your brand, not just the promotion.

Design Your Promotions To Have A Shared Purpose Or Goals


To craft promotions that will engage your audiences, you need to consider several things. Also, each promotions will need a compelling offer that will resonate with your target audience. The offer should be something that's valuable to them and adds real value to their lives. Secondly, you need to think about how you will promote the offer and reach your target audience. Will social media be your primary promotion tool, or will you leverage email marketing? Thirdly, you need to ensure that the promotion has clear instructions on how customers can participate and what they need to do to qualify for the reward.

Build A Promotion Calendar

Creating a promotion calendar is an essential step in building connected digital promotions. Your promotions should be thoughtfully planned and executed, and the timing is vital to keep your customers' interest piqued. You need to identify the key promotional opportunities throughout the year, such as the holidays or special events, to generate buzz and excitement around your brand. Then, you can design your promotions (while keeping the overall strategic intent and purpose in mind) around such opportunities and utilize them to achieve your business goals.

Analyze But More Importantly Optimize Your Promotions On An Ongoing Basis

Once you've executed your promotions, analyzing and optimizing them are critical to achieving consistent success. You need to gather data on the participation rates, conversion rates, and ROI of each promotion to evaluate its effectiveness. This data can help you uncover areas that need improvement, identify trends and insights to enhance future campaigns and help you create more loyal customers. The key is to always keep testing, tweaking, and refining your promotions to ensure that they continue to drive engagement and achieve your business goals.

Creating connected digital promotions is a smart and effective marketing strategy for any brand looking to create more loyal customers. By implementing a well-crafted promotion plan, you can build a long-term connection with your customers and drive conversions over time. It's time to leave behind the "one-and-done" type of campaigns and embrace the power of connected promotions to achieve your marketing goals. Remember to keep your promotions compelling, your timing strategic, and your analysis thorough, and you'll be well on your way to creating more effective, impactful campaigns.