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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
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What's in Store for B2B Loyalty in 2023?

What's in Store for B2B Loyalty in 2023?

While it's normal to get in a routine with your marketing plan, you want to make sure that you aren’t plateauing due to a lack of change. Adapting to the changing times and trends is crucial to keeping your members engaged with your program. Focusing on the trends that directly affect your business is important to market accurately to your customers. 

For B2B Loyalty, we are predicting to see a steady rise in current trends like gamification and integration but we are seeing an increase of importance surrounding the use of technology and sustainability.  We put together some tips on how these can improve your business in the upcoming year! 



People get bored of just seeing paragraphs of copy on pages all day long. Gamification offers them an element of fun that in return rewards them and makes them feel good and inclined to participate again. This is a great tactic for acquisition but also keeping your current customers captivated. It’s a great technique for keeping your business up to date in a creative way. Things change on a dime and being able to make changes in a subtle but fun way is key to making your program stand out. Gamification is so versatile for any campaign or promotion you run throughout the year. Don’t give your customers the bare minimum, spice it up this year and make your program memorable through gamification! 



There are so many platforms out there it can seem hard to keep up with all of them. By adding an integration feature to your program, it takes the stress out of having to remember which platforms you posted on or updated recently. It also helps on the customers side because all of their rewards and interactions will be in one place making it easy to keep track of. There is also more to integration than just linking platforms together. You can look at integrating programs like a referral program to allow your clients to refer fellow B2B brands and be rewarded for their suggestions. 


Increased use of technology 

I know what you’re thinking, in this day and age how can we possibly increase the amount of technology we use? It may seem like technology has taken over our lives but there are a number of benefits of this “take over”. Technology is altering the way that businesses can not only communicate with their customers but also communicate with other B2B companies. In the past couple years we have had to alter some of the rewards offered to customers but with the increased use of technology we can now provide virtual reality experiences and virtual rewards. An increase in technology doesn’t have to be as technical as that, even just making sure that your app is cohesive with your website and runs smoothly will make your B2B program more accessible to a wider audience. 



The importance of sustainability is continuing to rise and businesses need to do their best to join in. There are plenty of ways to integrate sustainability into your program whether it is offering rewards for those who perform eco-friendly behavior or partnering with companies who actively use sustainable materials. You could integrate a visual that tells your customers what they are doing to help the planet when they choose your product and reward them for their purchases. They can begin to earn points for their purchases and once they hit a milestone they will be rewarded for being a part of making the planet a more sustainable place! B2B loyalty brands such as Motivforce, have found that new reward structures are being designed to incentivise the attainment of KPIs  in relation to building sustainability. While it might not seem like a big deal to integrate this into your program, people want to feel as though they are doing something good for the environment even if it’s small. 


Overall, use this year to try and focus on making your B2B program more personalized, easy to use, and sustainable while also offering a variation of different rewards and experiences. These are things that you could already have in your program but let this be a simple reminder to always keep evolving and pushing your program to be the best in the business. By keeping these tips in mind, businesses can work together and create the best B2B experience for their customers that will keep them coming back. 

Want to learn how to implement these into your business? Let us help! Reach out to us today!