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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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Supercharge Your Loyalty Strategy with These Best Practices

Supercharge Your Loyalty Strategy with These Best Practices

Are you tired of your loyalty program failing to engage customers? Have you tried different tactics, but still not achieving the results you hoped for? The secret to success when it comes to loyalty programs is finding ways to make them stand out - and that's where best practices come into play. By supercharging your loyalty strategy with these actionable tips and tricks, you can create a memorable customer experience that keeps them coming back for more. Whether you're just starting out or looking to level up your existing program, these best practices can help you craft a solid and successful loyalty strategy that grows and progresses as your brand does. 

Unlock the Power of Tiers and Status Levels


Go beyond the average "Bronze, Silver & Gold" and create tiers that your members can feel inspired by and motivated to reach. Your program tiers can creatively reflect your brand personality through unique titles (think more Sephora’s top-tier “Rouge” instead of a basic “Gold” tier) and through the types of rewards or benefits offered at each level. Tiers give you a structured method for recognizing and rewarding customers for purchasing more, engaging with the brand, and being brand advocates.It’s a great strategy for showing appreciation for your very best customers and encouraging their loyalty to grow.


Keep it Simple, Yet Rewarding


Your program earning structure doesn't have to be complicated: in fact the simpler the better. Programs perform best when their core earning structure makes it easy for customers to understand and even easier for them to redeem. And it doesn’t always have to solely consist of points; other earnable tokens can include badges, buttons, or certificates. Avoid a complicated earning process and your customers will appreciate the simplicity and keep coming back for more.


Unleash the Fun and Engage Your Customers


Believe it or not, modern day customers want to do more than just log their transactions in their loyalty programs. Creating additional engagement opportunities for customers makes the experience more fun and gives them even more from joining the program than just discounts and rewards. Customers can learn and interact more with your brand through watching videos, taking surveys, creating their own personas or avatars, and participating in educational games. Incorporating engagement opportunities is becoming just as, if not more, key to building long-lasting loyalty than solely providing discounts and rewards.


Supercharge Your Rewards with Extra Incentives


Bonus incentives are a great strategy because they encourage customers to do more with your brand to get more back in return. Because bonus opportunities work better in limited availability rather than being present all the time, they do the dual job of helping your program fresh and exciting while also driving customers to take specific actions or behaviors. For example, bonus incentive opportunities could include a customer trying new products or reaching a new purchase threshold. Regardless, enabling your customers to go above and beyond with special bonus opportunities will help maintain their interest and keep them engaged.  


Keep the Excitement Going with Promotional Tactics


Great loyalty strategies are long-term initiatives, but loyalty programs can lose steam over time if brands allow them to stagnate. That's why it's important to regularly incorporate different promotional tactics to keep the excitement and momentum going. Online games, sweepstakes, and contests are just a few ways to add some extra buzz to your strategy. By testing and analyzing how different promotions performed among your audiences, you can eventually build a whole ensemble of promotional tactics that are sure to keep your program fun and enjoyable for your best customers.  


Make the Payback Epic


At the end of the day, if customers don’t feel that the value they’re receiving back from the brand is worth what they’re spending, it's highly likely they will end up disengaging from the program completely. Take steps to ensure your customers feel the payback they get from your brand and loyalty program is worth their time and effort. The easier it is for them to visualize and understand the value they’re receiving, the more likely they are to stay loyal.


Rewards That Wow


Similar to making sure your program’s value proposition is attractive to customers, it’s also important that they find your program rewards irresistible. You want rewards that are intriguing and motivating, not lackluster or uninspiring. Discounts and free products/samples are a great start, but mixing it up with tangible items, exclusive trips, or even VIP access or events can strengthen your reward offerings even more. Knowing your audience - what they respond to, what they find appealing or enriching to their lifestyles - can help you understand and provide rewards that truly motivate.



Creating an effective loyalty strategy for your brand will not only strengthen customer engagement and loyalty, but also create a powerful competitive edge. Whether you’re just starting out or fine-tuning an existing loyalty strategy, you can take your program to new heights by following these best practices.  By managing parameters such as customer tier levels, rewards strategies, and promotional tactics, you can ensure that customers are kept engaged in your program. Moreover, by delivering meaningful rewards that wow - either through bonuses or epic paybacks - customers will be excited to keep coming back for more. By tuning into the needs of the customer, brands can ensure that their loyalty initiatives become synonymous with success.  Your customers will thank you with their unwavering loyalty.