on February 28, 2023 Customer Loyalty

How To Find Loyalty Building Opportunities All Throughout The Year

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Building loyalty is a continuous process and it is important to keep the momentum going through the whole year. Running exciting promotions and reward offers keeps your customers engaged and keeps your brand on track with steady content on all platforms. It will benefit your program further to focus on consistent marketing strategies rather than putting all of your energy into 2 or 3 promotions throughout the year. If your loyalty marketing is scattered or inconsistent it can hinder your program from being consistently seen and mentioned. Take a look at some of these tactics and keep them in mind when putting together your strategy for building loyalty throughout the year! 


Leverage Email Marketing 

Email marketing is something that can be tricky to nail down at first but once you get the hang of it, it's a great way to drive conversions. No one wants to get bombarded with emails every hour, but relevant emails that offer something of value to your customers is a great tactic for keeping your program at the top of their mind.

Email marketing is also a great way to use what you have learned from your loyalty data and put it to use. Creating personalized loyalty emails will encourage customers to return and continue to engage with your brand. A study shows that 72% of shoppers only engage with brands that deliver personalized communication. Think about sending out newsletters, thank you emails, surprise emails, redemption reminders, and exclusive deals. These are the types of emails that people want and what will drive email engagement rates! 


Offer Personalized Rewards For Customer’s Special Occasions 

Everyone wants to feel remembered on their special days! That still applies when it comes to their loyalty programs. Recognizing your customers on special dates will create a better connection with your company and will drive brand loyalty. If you know that every year you will get a discount from a brand that you love on your birthday, wouldn’t you use that as an opportunity to plan ahead and treat yourself?

Loyalty and personalization are mutually beneficial so it’s important to bring it into everything that you offer to your customers! The special occasions shouldn’t stop just at birthdays; you can also remember anniversary dates such as when members signed up for your program and celebrate when they hit certain program milestones. This will allow for more rewards and loyalty opportunities throughout the year! 


Create Offers That Spark Action 

Loyalty programs need to spark action in their customers to keep them engaged during the post-purchase time period. A great way to do this is by creating reward offers that spark action, such as encouraging customers to post on social media and allowing them to earn extra loyalty points for tagging your brand or using a specific hashtag. This gets customers excited about the chance to earn more rewards and it also gets your brand in front of people who might not know about your program and are open to joining a new loyalty program. These offers can be easily personalized to fit your brand and can be used any time of the year, whether it’s focused around specific seasons, holidays, or just for fun! Gamification is a great tool to draw in customers and see a rise in customer engagement. 


Always Be On The Lookout For Loyalty Opportunities

There is always an opportunity to build loyalty throughout the year. It is easy to get stuck in the idea that there needs to be a holiday to base your promotions or marketing campaigns around but that’s not the case! Keeping your content up to date and catered to what draws in your customers will allow you to see your customer loyalty continue to grow throughout the year. 

Don't know where to start with your loyalty building opportunties? Reach out to us today and we will help you kick start your growth!