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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
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5 Ways To Drive Customer Engagement With Retailer-Specific Promotions

5 Ways To Drive Customer Engagement With Retailer-Specific Promotions

The way that retailers approach marketing and promotions has seen some changes in the past couple years. Customers are expecting more than just a good product in an aesthetically pleasing store display or  social media post.  It’s important to create a strong cohesive brand image across storefronts and online channels in order to build loyalty and create a strong customer/brand relationship.

Retailer-specific promotions are an excellent way to drive customer engagement and increase sales. By using sales data to develop targeted promotions, offering rewards for engagement, creating urgency with time-limited promotions, personalizing promotions, and getting creative with your promotions, you can effectively engage customers and create long-term relationships.


Combine The Physical and Digital Experience


The way that people go about shopping has changed drastically since online stores have made everything so accessible. However, it’s important that physical storefronts work to keep up with the ever changing demands and trends of the customer's digital experience. One of the best ways to combine these efforts is through offering an option for a customer to buy something online but then pick it up in store. This offers the convenience of online shopping but allows them to quickly receive the item and have an easy return process if it isn't what they expected. This saves time and money on shipping which is always a strong incentive. It’s also a way to get customers in front of your products both online and in-store which can drive them to make more purchases. 


Personalized The Customer Experience 

The key to a strong customer relationship is making it feel less transactional and more personal. People like to feel as though something is special just for them and having their favorite products readily available for them will stand out to them. With all of the data gathering integrations, you should be able to segment your customers based on their customer preferences and their buying habits. This enables you to personalize their recommended products and promotions to ensure that they are getting the most out of shopping with your brand. By tailoring promotions to specific customers' interests and needs, you can create a more effective and engaging experience. Personalization can be as simple as using a customer's name or making personalized recommendations based on their purchase history. 


Offer Rewards For Engaging With Promotions

We all love rewards, and customers are no different. Offering rewards for engaging with retailer-specific promotions can significantly boost customer engagement. Rewards can include anything from free samples to exclusive discounts. For example, a retailer can offer a discount code for a future purchase to a customer who shares a promotion on social media or who signs up for their email newsletter.


Incorporate Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Customers are becoming more aware of the environmental issues that come from certain retail brands. They like to know that the brand that they are putting their money towards is working to better the environment and are actively looking to make a change whether that is through making their products more sustainable, ethically sourcing their products, or teaming up with an organization who focuses on making a change. Create promotional opportunities for your customers to show you how they are making a difference in their communities. Whether that is through social media or recycling old clothes in order to get a discount on their next purchase. When they are able to feel as though they are personally making a difference they will feel a stronger connection to your brand. 


Flex Your Creativity Muscles

Finally, to drive customer engagement with retailer-specific promotions, it's essential to get creative. With so much content and noise, you need to create promotions that stand out. For example, using gamification tactics such as a spin-to-win wheel can increase engagement. Another idea is offering a promotion that encourages customers to come into your store and try on a product. Doing so creates a physical experience that builds excitement.



 The key to customer engagement in the retail industry is making everything as easy and accessible as possible for your customers. Gathering your customer data and seeing what makes them click the purchase button and what makes them hesitate is crucial to knowing what way to go about driving their engagement.

In addition, it's essential to remember that promotions shouldn't just be about the sale; they should provide value to the customer and create an experience that they'll enjoy and remember. What makes a customer more engaged with your program isn’t going to be the same for all of your segments so it’s important to have engagement opportunities for everyone. Offering something for everyone is going to make you stand out among your competitors and create strong brand loyalty.